Allied Home Health Care Corp. Is dedicated to provide "quality" health care in the home by ensuring comfort, dignity excellence, justice, compassion, and respect to our multi-cultural clients and families.

           We have  an expert team of professionals to care for home bound patients with skilled needs. Who work with your own physician.

Skilled needs included:
Skilled Nurse
Physical Therapist
Occupational Therapist
Speech Therapist
Medical Social Services
Home Health Aide
Skilled Nursing: RNs and LVNs
             Professional Registered Nurse or Licensed Vocationl Nurse provides prescribed treatments, assess changes and supervise the care of the patient. An emphasis is placed on patient and family instruction to promote maximum selfcare.
Home Health Aide
        A qualified Home Health Aide will assist with care as directed and under the supervision of the Registered Nurse.
Physical Therapy
        Provided to help the patient regain strength, endurance and coordination. Services provided included heat massage and special exercises as prescribed by the doctor.
Occupational Therapy
        Provides activities and exercise designed to help the patient resume selfcare and normal life.
Speech Therapy
        Involves treatment that helps the patient with speaking, hearing and language problems. Speech Therapy may be necessary for a stroke victim who needs help in regaining the ability to talk or speak clearly.
Medical Social Services
        A service needed to assess and remedy social environment, and emotinal factors which relate to the patient's health problems,. Community resources can be utilized for patient's adjustment and rehabilitation.
Nutrition Consultant
        Provides assistance to patients with nutritional problems performed in accordance with physician's order.
Consultation and Treatment
        Provides assistance in referring patients with acute wounds, chronic non-healing wounds, pressure ulcers nutritional consultation and other special needs.
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